U Can Help Project

Orewa Baptist Church runs a community food drive every year to enable our community the opportunity to give at Christmas.

We take donations of food in the trolleys outside the church and at Orewa New World (non perishables please). We ask that the food you donate be of the quality that you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself.

You can also fill this form out if you would like to apply for a Christmas hamper to be given to a family in need this Christmas. We are looking for people you know, it could be family, work mates, neighbours etc who have found the going tough this year and who you think won’t be having a large celebration as a result.

We will ensure that every person nominated will receive a parcel the week leading into Christmas and they will not know who nominated them. It’s all hush, hush.

As such, you need to nominate someone other than yourself

Your Name
Your name. This is your name, not that of the person you're nominating (that will be later).
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Your phone number
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Your address
Name of Person Nominated for Parcel
The name of the person you are nominating to receive the parcel.
Phone of Person Nominated
The phone number of the person that you are nominating to receive the parcel.
Email of Person Nominated
The email of the person that you are nominating to receive the parcel.
Delivery Address
The address to which the parcel should be delivered to.
Number of Persons and Ages ?
Enter in the number of persons and their ages. We need this information so we can judge the amount of food to put in the parcel!
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Are you human?
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